Elements of Effective Piano Technique

Lecture/Series on Technique in general. We will be talking about arm weight, rotation, arches of the hand..all the things combined and condensed for your better understanding of piano technique.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 14 Episodes

schedule 39 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 1

Let's Talk About the Technique

We are kicking off this series with harpsichord technique, piano escapement..

access_time5 minutes


Episode 2

Bone Alignment and the Schools of Piano Technique

Have we all been taught arm weight wrong?

access_time5 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 3

Human and Piano Walking

Another element of effective piano technique - walking

access_time2 minutes 40 seconds


Episode 4

Arm Weight - The Right Way

Continuation of the second lesson in this series, and a few other concepts

access_time2 minutes 45 seconds


Episode 5

Practical Examples of Piano Pedagogy Part 1

Alan dealing with a student who overused the arm and could not play legato

access_time2 minutes 15 seconds


Episode 6

Practical Examples of Piano Pedagogy Part 2

Developing a functional hand arch early on is a must

access_time1 minute 37 seconds


Episode 7

Biotensegrity in service of Arch and Elasticity

We have talked about biotensegrity before and now it's time we put it to work

access_time4 minutes 32 seconds


Episode 8

Ludwig Deppe

Alan talks about Deppe, the father of modern piano technique

access_time2 minutes 17 seconds


Episode 9

Feeling Out the Piano

Paint a new neuro-motor picture to your brain. Get a new perception of your hands and bones inside

access_time4 minutes 13 seconds


Episode 10

Dorothy Taubman and Rotation

A short video on Alan's latest discovery on rotation. We will cover this topic in more detail in a featured series very soon

access_time1 minute 57 seconds


Episode 11

Four Types of Arches

Alan talks about different types of arches of the hand and grasping

access_time1 minute 7 seconds


Episode 12

The Thumb and Rotation

Rotation in relation with the thumb

access_time3 minutes 11 seconds


Episode 13

Russian Piano Pressure School

Preassure technique and elastic raction

access_time1 minute 20 seconds


Episode 14

The Piano Key Does Not Go Down

Be free from falling and utilize the structure. Also, the series wrapup.

access_time1 minute