Big Sound

Big sound - how to archive it? Lessons, lectures and tutorials on big sound


person Alan Fraser

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Updated: 3 years ago


Episode 1

Big sound in Rachmaninoff prelude in C sharp minor Op. 3 No. 2

An hour long lesson on this prelude with emphasis on big sound

access_time1 hour 5 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 2

Harmonic language has emotional logic

We are exploring big sound as well as orchestration in Rachmaninoff - Prelude in G minor Op 23 No 5

access_time8 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 3

Voice of the hand is in the arch of the hand

access_time5 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 4

Authoritative snapping sound

Character of the music dictates the touch

access_time5 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 5

The physical organisation can make your sound

The wrist always wants to be the important one, let the MCP do the work

access_time4 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 6

Have your sound instantly

Wrist and strength adjustment for the instant great sound

access_time5 minutes 9 seconds


Episode 7

All the physical stuff in piano playing isn't a distraction

You need to know how

access_time5 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 8

Elastic vibrations

and it's not done with curled fingers

access_time4 minutes 51 seconds


Episode 9

By growing the arch as you create your sound

You are giving yourself completely different sonority

access_time6 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 10

The arch is the source of all your tone colorations

Not only that but the very solid foundation on what you should base your piano technique

access_time7 minutes 15 seconds