Basics of piano somatics

From a lecture given in Berlin, January 2023


person Alan Fraser

video_library 16 Episodes

schedule 48 minutes 42 seconds


Episode 1

What is arm weight piano technique?

A quick review of the weighted piano technique from Alan

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Episode 2

What about finger action piano school?

Finger action came before arm weight piano school

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Episode 3

Is there a way to get the best elements from all these piano schools?

And by doing so, have the pianist feel better when they play

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Episode 4

What about articulations or orchestration while playing the piano?

Alan is taking ideas from Feldenkrais and applying it to piano technique

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Episode 5

Biceps and triceps are a very important muscles in piano playing

Pianists are very good about curling their fingers but is that the movement we actually want?

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Episode 6

Tension doesn't have to be bad

Respect the skeletal structure and function

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Episode 7

Your piano practice should be a reflection of your mind flow

The music is flowing, so should your body

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Episode 8

You need to practice intelectually

As well as understand musical structure and go constantly go through musical decisions

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Episode 9

We have to move the thumb without "limping"

Let's face it, the thumb is not like the other four fingers on your hand

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Episode 10

How to get a smooth scale?

Scales to the inside

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Episode 11

Descending scales

The opposition of the thumb should integrate into the actions of the hand

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Episode 12

Do you flop your hand while you plays scales or put the thumb under?

It looks that way but is it?

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Episode 13

Maintain the standing function of the hand

There is always a tendency to mess it up

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Episode 14

Thenar and hypothenar muscles are of utmost importance

When these muscles "stand up", you have the real power in your hand

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Episode 15

The real power muscles of the hand

Work the muscles, don't just relax the hand

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Episode 16

How should you actually play forte?

Drop weight or stand up?

access_time4 minutes 10 seconds