Bach's Inventions

We will be taking a look into each and every one of Bach's two part inventions and 3 part inventions (sinfonias)


person Jovan Haji-Djurich

video_library 6 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 5 minutes 12 seconds

Updated: 4 years ago


Episode 1

Bach-The Great Inventor

What are Bach's Inventions and why should we care?

access_time12 minutes


Episode 2

C Major Two Part Invention

Let's dive into Bach's inventions. Cantabile is the way!

access_time17 minutes 46 seconds


Episode 3

C Minor Two Part Invention

We need to cultivate concepts like elasticity from the very beginning

access_time9 minutes 36 seconds


Episode 4

D Major Two Part Invention

We are in search of that specific D major bubbly sound

access_time9 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 5

D Minor Two Part Invention

Cantabile, phrasing and very controlled sound

access_time6 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 6

E flat major Two Part Invention

Playful, fun piece

access_time9 minutes 27 seconds