Awakening an inert hand

A jazz player who has worked with Barbara Lister Sink has a first encounter with Alan and his teaching


person Alan Fraser

video_library 12 Episodes

schedule 57 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 1

When playing the piano, weight is a burden, mass is a tool!

The skeleton manages the weight completely

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Episode 2

The weight in no longer part of the equation

The piano lever is always totally free because the skeleton carries the weight

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Episode 3

You are relaxed, good, now do something

Enrich the sensation of the palm to your own advantage

access_time6 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 4

If you stand up really well, your forearm is floating

Wrists don't have to be high

access_time5 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 5

Get the stand up action happening before the arm relaxes

Relaxation is present but action needs to happen a bit sooner

access_time4 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 6

The cure for tension is action

"If you use relaxation to cure tension you replace one problem with another"

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Episode 7

A couple of exercises to get the hand in shape

Building up the arch..

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Episode 8

Five metacarpals, five points of contact with the key

Feel the thumb metacarpal

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Episode 9

So many pianists play from the bottom two joins

and neglect the metacarpals

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Episode 10

The movement of thumb opposition is the key

The more you oppose the better all the fingers work. Get that power to your hand

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Episode 11

Activate these things for 10x more power

A few simple tips from Alan

access_time2 minutes 9 seconds


Episode 12

Real organic connection

This series closing episode is packed with useful info

access_time10 minutes 9 seconds