Arm Weight Technique - Myth and Reality

MCMTA talk Alan gave in April 2018


person Alan Fraser

video_library 17 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 18 minutes 51 seconds


Episode 1

Teach Your Hand to Walk

A paralel between human walking and piano walking

access_time6 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 2

Feel The Weight of Your Arm

But it's not only that, isn't it?

access_time5 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 3

Rich and Powerful Sound With Arm Weight Technique

Alan explains the real mechanics behind the arm weight technique

access_time6 minutes 59 seconds


Episode 4

Eastern European Arm Weight Technique

Seems to be very vertical in it's approach but the hand needs to be "lateralized" at some point

access_time6 minutes 56 seconds


Episode 5

Playing Chords in an Organized Way

As long as our hands are standing and not falling

access_time6 minutes 43 seconds


Episode 6

Curling of Nail Joints

Is curling the nail joints or fingers weakening arches of the hand?

access_time5 minutes 13 seconds


Episode 7

Loose Finger Joints and the Arm Weight Technique

We need to provide certain neurological sensory images for our brain

access_time4 minutes 10 seconds


Episode 8

Helping Double Jointed Students

What to do when your piano student is double jointed

access_time1 minute 31 seconds


Episode 9

Teaching All These Piano Techniques to Young Pianists

Teaching piano is hard. How about the old "hold the apple" routine?

access_time4 minutes 47 seconds


Episode 10

Ulnar Deviation and Piano

Another way of using our skeletal mechanics at the piano

access_time3 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 11

Do Not Loose Your Hand Structure

It affects the sound as well as induces tension in the wrist and forearm

access_time3 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 12

If you See the Hand Swiveling Horizontally

Then the thumb and fingers aren't functional

access_time3 minutes 8 seconds


Episode 13

The Thumb Goes Under or Maybe Not

The oldest questions in the piano book

access_time3 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 14

The Kind of Tension You Really Want

Being elastic without being tense

access_time3 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 15

Two Note Slurs

What about slurs? Lots of elasticity!

access_time5 minutes 6 seconds


Episode 16

Elastic Chords

How does all this apply to chords?

access_time4 minutes 27 seconds


Episode 17

Fight the Stiffness with Posture

Everybody is different. Teachers should really adjust to their students

access_time4 minutes 4 seconds