Alan teaches Scriabin Op.9

A collection of tutorials and lessons on Scriabin's Op.9


person Alan Fraser

video_library 4 Episodes

schedule 47 minutes 32 seconds

Updated: 5 years ago


Episode 1

Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand Opus 9

Alan performing Scriabin op.9

access_time9 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 2

Piano Kinematics in Action

Alan giving himself a lessons, sort of on Scriabin Op.9

access_time16 minutes 53 seconds


Episode 3

Elasticity for the Left Hand and the Thumb

Alan is playing through this etude and giving us insight in how his mind works

access_time9 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 4

Elastic Thumb Separation

Alan is exploring many concept in this episode and taking us on a journey.

access_time11 minutes 18 seconds