AFF Institute - SLC 2015

Salt Lake City 2015


person Alan Fraser

video_library 14 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 25 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 1

Organic Use of the Hand at the Piano

Alan sharing new discoveries

access_time9 minutes 46 seconds


Episode 2

Elastic Placement for Better Scales

Overholding, springy wrist and elasticity

access_time7 minutes


Episode 3

Making the Piano Sound Exceptional

Hand's structure and function and how does that relate to the sound

access_time6 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 4

Equal and Opposite Reaction for Better Structure

Application of Newton's third law on hand's structure

access_time4 minutes 33 seconds


Episode 5

Basic Function of the Hand

Alex just had his first lesson with Alan. He learns how to use his hands efficiently

access_time9 minutes 4 seconds


Episode 6

Elastic Bowing Movement in the Finger

Alan talks about curved finger curles, Glenn Gould and Horowitz and other various techniques

access_time6 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 7

Scarlatti K 141

Alan talks about Suzuki method, cat scratch motion, curly fingers and repeated notes

access_time11 minutes 26 seconds


Episode 8

Movable Structure

The importance of movable structure when playing the piano

access_time7 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 9

Unstable Equilibrium

Completely unstable but balanced hand

access_time3 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 10

The Organic Hand

Translate vertical movement to horizontal phrase shaping

access_time4 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 11

The Functional Thumb

Thumb's role and function in a healthy structure

access_time1 minute 57 seconds


Episode 12

Functional Look of The Hand

Alan talks about how student's hands transform and look better when being functional

access_time4 minutes 19 seconds


Episode 13

Shake Hands with The Piano

In a moving way..the propper way to touch the piano

access_time3 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 14

Smooth Scales

Alan helps a student iron out his scales

access_time5 minutes 35 seconds