Activate the fingers to make the piano sing

A lesson where we take a very simple Czerny etude and show you how to activate the fingers which are straining instead of zinging.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 7 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 1 minute 26 seconds


Episode 1

Czerny is very good for getting the standup into the fingers

Just stand up!

access_time5 minutes 14 seconds


Episode 2

If the left hand stood up more, it would help the right hand

This is generally applicable accros the board but another good example is Chopin's Op. 10 No. 1

access_time6 minutes 3 seconds


Episode 3

Active fingers = good kind of tension

Play with an active finger and then release the tension in your hand

access_time8 minutes 20 seconds


Episode 4

It looks like a circle but it doesn't feel like it

In order to go fast, we must conserve the movement of the hand

access_time6 minutes 29 seconds


Episode 5

Know the sound you are aiming for

There is a specific sound quality that we are after, a good kind of sound we must strive to produce

access_time9 minutes 24 seconds


Episode 6

Instantaneous muscular explosion and good arm flow

We keep exploring the sound we want to make

access_time10 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 7

Train your hand to the certain point and the ear will do the rest

Thinking mind is too slow, ears on the other hand can make the refinement

access_time15 minutes 15 seconds