Alan Working with the Clarinetist

Clarinet-Kreisler-Leibeslied (Vussem 2014)

Alan Fraser
31min 37s

Alan Fraser Working with the Harpist

Tournier-Harp Composition. Bach-Suite Transcription

Alan Fraser
51min 28s

Piano-Voice and Posture

Alan working with a vocalist on Burt Barcharch songs The look of love and promises, promises

Alan Fraser
34min 58s

Alan Fraser Working with the Violinist

Violin lesson from Hamm 2014

Alan Fraser
31min 55s

Skeletal Functional Dynamics and Feldenkrais Method

A brief intro to Alan's method and the site as a learning tool

Alan Fraser
2min 23s

Open videos

All of our open for public videos, quite a bit of them

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