Skeletal Functional Dynamics and Feldenkrais Method

A brief intro to Alan's method and the site as a learning tool

Alan Fraser
2min 23s

Quick Technique Tips for Chopin Etudes- Op 10 No 1

You'd think it's about the right hand in this one, but is it really?

Alan Fraser
2min 21s

Working With Large Architectonic Structures in Music

via Liszt's Mephisto Waltz No. 3, Alan talks about long term structures in music and planning

Alan Fraser
15min 12s

How to get Big Sound at the Piano

Working with the keys, not against them and making the strings vibrate the right way

Alan Fraser
4min 13s

How to Sight Read

A very useful skill that can be improved quite easily with a few tips

Alan Fraser
9min 34s

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