Belgrade Piano Institute December 2021

schedule13 Dec 2021

Title Student Type
Mendelssohn - Variations Serieuses-1 Jan Lesson
Mendelssohn-Variations-Serieuses-2 Jan Lesson
Mendelssohn-Variations-Serieuses-Intro Jan Lesson
Rachmaninoff - 3rd Concerto 1st Mvt-1 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Invocation-1 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Invocation-2 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Invocation-3 Jan Lesson
Rachmaninoff-3rd-Concerto-1stMvt-2 Jan Lesson
Brahms-F minor Sonata-1 Jan Lesson
Brahms-F minor Sonata-2 Jan Lesson
Brahms-F minor Sonata-3 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Ave Maris Stella-1 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Ave Maris Stella-2 Jan Lesson
Liszt-La Camanella-1 Jan Lesson
Liszt-La Camanella-2 Jan Lesson
Liszt-La Camanella-3 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Un Sospiro-1 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Un Sospiro-2 Jan Lesson
Liszt-Un Sospiro-3 Jan Lesson
Day 5-Liszt-Mazeppa-1 Jan Lesson
Day 5-Liszt-Mazeppa-2 Jan Lesson
Day 5-Liszt-Mazeppa-3 Jan Lesson
Day 5-Liszt-Mazeppa-4 Jan Lesson
Day 6-Chopin-D flat major Nocturne-1 Jan Lesson
Day 6-Chopin-D flat major Nocturne-2 Jan Lesson
Voice Session-Gregorian Chant Jan Lesson
Lili2-Mendlessohn-E minorPrelude & Fugue-2 Lili Lesson
Lili2-Mendlessohn-E minorPrelude & Fugue-3 Lili Lesson
Lili2-Mendlessohn-E minorPrelude & Fugue-4 Lili Lesson
Lili2-Mendlessohn-E minorPrelude & Fugue-5 Lili Lesson
Lili3-Mendlessohn-Concerto 1st mvt-1 Lili Lesson
Lili3-Mendlessohn-Concerto 1st mvt-2 Lili Lesson
Lili3-Mendlessohn-Concerto 1st mvt-3 Lili Lesson
Lili3-Mendlessohn-Concerto 1st mvt-4 Lili Lesson
Lili3-Mendlessohn-Concerto 1st mvt-5 Lili Lesson
Lili4-Mendlessohn-Concerto 2nd mvt-1 Lili Lesson
Lili4-Mendlessohn-Concerto 2nd mvt-2 Lili Lesson
Lili5-Mendlessohn-Concerto 3rd mvt-1 Lili Lesson
Lili5-Mendlessohn-Concerto 3rd mvt-4 Lili Lesson
Lili1-Beethoven Op 31-2 Lili Lesson
Lili2-Mendlessohn-E minorPrelude & Fugue-1 Lili Lesson
Lili6-Szymanowski-Metopes-3 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-1 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-2 Lili Lesson
Lili6-Szymanowski-Metopes-2 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-3 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-4 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-5 Lili Lesson
Lili7-Brahms-Schumann Variations-6 Lili Lesson
Lili6-Szymanowski-Metopes-1 Lili Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-1 Lisa Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-2 Lisa Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-3 Lisa Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-4 Lisa Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-5 Lisa Lesson
Day 1-Franck-Prelude-Chorale-and-Fugue-6 Lisa Lesson
Day 2-Chopin-3rd-Scherzo-1 Lisa Lesson
Day 2-Chopin-3rd-Scherzo-2 Lisa Lesson
Day 3-Bach C minor Partita-Toccata-1 Lisa Lesson
Day 3-Bach C minor Partita-Toccata-2 Lisa Lesson
Day 3-Chopin-3rd Scherzo-2 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Rachmaninoff-A minor Etude-1 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Liszt-2ndConcerto-3 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Liszt-2ndConcerto-4 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Liszt-2ndConcerto-5 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Liszt-2ndConcerto-6 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Liszt-2ndConcerto-7 Lisa Lesson
Day 4-Rachmaninoff-A minor Etude-2 Lisa Lesson

Lessons - live recorded lessons/sessions during Belgrade Piano Institute December 2021.

ATMs - awareness through movement sessions.

Lectures - live recorded lectures during the workshop.

ATPMs - live recorded ATPMs during the workshop.

Performances - live recorded Performances during the workshop.

Casual sessions - live recorded Casual sessions during the workshop.

These videos are raw footage from the Belgrade Piano Institute December 2021 workshop. We recommend these to advanced users only.

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